Ustaad Ajit Singh Mutlashi (Music)

Ustaad Ajit Singh Mutlashi (Music)

Ajit Singh Mutlashi a

Ustaad Mutlashi Ji, who moved to Birmingham from Kenya, has over 50 years of teaching and recital experience on instruments such as the sitar, the tabla, the flute, the violin, and is also the highly regarded as the Ustaad for the likes of Sukshinder Shinda, Jaz Dhami and Shin DCS. The 84 year-old, who has been blind since the age of two, established the Ravi Music College in 1998 which is affiliated with the University of Chandigarh allowing students in the west to study Indian Music formally from Diploma level to Bachelors and Masters. Named after his wife Ravi, who herself is a vocal and sitar teacher. Ustaad Mutlashi Ji is regarded to be one of the world’s best Indian music teachers with his past and present students being from primary school children to adults in their 80s and 90s.

Ajit Singh Mutlashi, who himself is a disciple of Prof. Darshan Singh ji Komal and Master Rattan ji, is based in Sparkhill, Birmignham.