Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg (Medicine)

Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg (Medicine)
Twitter: @DrGSAlg / @BritishSikhDocs

Dr Gaggandeep Singh ALG

The Founder and President of the British Sikh Doctors Organisation (BSDO), a non-profit organisation with a number of humanitarian aims. Dr Alg founded the BSDO in 2010 to serve families and communities regardless of caste, creed or religion in accordance with the teachings and guidance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. BSDO, who work alongside a number of UK organisations, have screened thousands of people over the last few years for medical, dental and ophthalmic problems and have educated hundreds of people (including students at some of the top London Universities). Dr Alg represents BSDO on the General Medical Council BME Forum.

Dr Alg, who spent time at Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, Australia as part of his medical elective has worked in various NHS hospitals in London, Surrey and Essex. He currently practises in the South London and Surrey area in the UK.