Sukhi Wahiwala (Business)

Sukhi Wahiwala (Business)
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Sukhi Wahiwala

38 year old Sukhi Wahiwala took over a family business whilst still in his teens, becoming a millionaire at the age of 21, and a Multi-Millionaire by the age of 25. He credits his parents as his greatest teachers and Mentors. Sukhi was schooled in business by his father, a phenomenally Successful Entrepreneur also.

Being taught the discipline of hard work on every level. A solid grounding that invariably shaped a refreshingly Modest Multi-Millionaire, whose down to earth qualities and exceptional interpersonal skills drove a business empire that had grown into a formidable dynasty; also working in near 20 different sectors of industry, Trained Master NLP Practitioner and many Neuro Sciences to add to is natural skills & Midas Touch in business. His Purpose & mission changed direction in 2006 after a near death experience, which brought to light his heart felt urge to CREATE CHANGE in the LIVES of OTHERS. Being financially established, he decided to Increase his skills as a trained Coach & a Very Unique Business Mentor; that has been recognised my many established trainers around the world.

Today, as a None Executive Director & ” By Invitation Only Coach & Mentor,” he works with Growing, Struggling Start Up Companies and Select Personal Individuals to Create Strategic and Tried & Tested Business Models. Sukhi has one of the most compelling skill sets and track histories to offer any client wishing to work with him.

Sukhi’s business motto is – Sukhi makes business SIMPLE, the word ‘ S I M P L E ‘ being an acronym for what he brings to business:

Strategy – Insight – Marketing – Positioning – Logic – Experience

(source: successful leaders conference)