Jas Sehmbi (Fashion)

Jas Sehmbi (Fashion)
Twitter: @JasMB

Jas Sehmbi

What began 13 years ago with a collection of great pieces has grown into one of the world’s most unique luxury brands. African-born, Jas Sehmbi, relocated to India at the age of four, before finally settling in England in 1970. Since leaving school, he chose to specialise in Art at Eastham College, Stratford. On completing the Art Foundation, the young creative began retailing small leather and canvas bags just three months on. By 1985, Sehmbi was designing his own bags and launched his first shop in Essex.

Jas decided to travel to Italy to design and produce another unique range that was then imported to the UK. His natural creative flair and influence from fashion and music led Jas to develop the first ever DJ record bag. His amazing talent led to the production of 30,000 nylon bags from producing his first ever hand made bag in 1994. This was a great opportunity for Jas to fund his two labels ‘Spaced Out’ and ‘W11’.

As time went on, Jas continued to succeed and produced the first collection for Jas M.B. In 2000, Barneys New York and cult fashion store YMC, placed orders that subsequently sold out within the first day. This boom continued to Tranoi, Paris in 2001 at both Men and Women fashion shows.

Now the Jas MB brand can boast sales in over 500 stockists in over 27 countries around the world with exclusive Jas-M.B. stores in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. Since starting, Jas-M.B. has collaborated with many artists, young designers and established brands such as Louis Vuitton Japan, Simeon Farrar and Mihara Yasuhiro.