The Kray Twinz (Music)

The Kray Twinz – Jaz & Jat Hayer (Music)
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Kray Twinz
(photo by Didar Virdi)

The Kray Twinz have won an array of accolades in their career, helping them to hit the upper echelons of the music industry. They have created global smash hits and produced award-winning music for TV shows, movie soundtracks and video games.

The Kray Twinz comprise identical twins Jat and Jaz Hayer. They are one of the first South Asian artists to hit the mainstream and represent the Sikh identity visually. As a result, the Twinz have remained a talking point for many. Proud of their Sikh roots and their British identity equally, they have carved a niche by fusing the sounds of two different genres, Indian and Urban.

Their debut production for Punjabi MC ‘Mundian To Bach Ke’ turned into a ground-breaking crossover anthem that hit number 1 spots in Europe and around the world. Their debut solo release ‘What we do’ was another global smash hit. The experimental collaboration of British master of Grime, Lethal Bizzle with US heavyweight Twista, was a recipe for success.

The Twinz have worked alongside game-changers in the entertainment world including Sting, Jay Z, Elephant Man, Sway, Keyshia Cole, Mark Morrison, DMX, Ray-J, Truth Hurts and many more. They were commissioned to create title tracks for Sean Bean’s movie ‘Cash’ and ‘Second Hand Jawani’ from Bollywood’s biggest film in 2012- ‘Cocktail’ featuring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone.

The Kray Twinz are endorsed by some of the finest and most innovative brands in the entertainment business including KEF, Sony, Pioneer, Steinberg, Audio Pro, Archos, Witch Hat Audio and M J Acoustics.

Travelling between studios around the world, the Kray Twinz are preparing to release a new single later in 2014.